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Dundee Brewing Company – Honey Brown

Photo By Katy Mims

It has been a little over a decade now, not since the last brew review (although it certainly seems like it to me), since I hung up the hat on standard American Light Beer. It was late 1999, and while others were wondering if the stock market would make through the millineum change over, I was wondering if there was a tastier way to catch a buzz. So there I was at BW3’s, most likely on $.25 wing night when they also served $2 23 oz drafts, deciding on what I would have the bartender fill my cup with. I am sure you can see where the story goes from here, I got Honey Brown, thus altering the course of my future and ultimately leading to the creation of the brew review source you have come to know and love….Everything Brewed. You’re welcome.

Now that BW3’s is long gone, but I was feeling nostalgic the other day and picked up a sixer of Honey Brown. This is also right in line with the current series of easy to acquire brews that I have been working on.

Dundee Brewing Company has been brewing Honey Brown Lager since 1994 and here is what they would like you to know about it:

“Original Honey Brown Lager is a quality medium-bodied beer that goes down smooth with every sip.” It comes in at 4.5% ABV and 10 IBU’s, and is produced with “Premium barley, hops, water, pure Manitoba White Clover honey”. Honey Brown Lager took home a Gold Medal at the World Beer Cup in 2004.

Now for my thoughts….I totally agree that it is smooth. Thinking back to when I first tried it, I recall that it was slightly sweet yet crisp. Not too bitter but well balanced and totally drinkable. I had many $2 23 ouncers after that as a result. Even today, while Honey Brown could be considered on the outside edge of full on craft brewing, it still goes down rather well.

With spring in the rear view mirror and hot summer days quickly approaching, I would highly recommend this lager to anyone looking to stretch the limits of their palate without stretching their drinking budget. It will cool you down, without filling you up. So for all those reasons, plus my long standing affair with this brew, I declare the official Everything Brewed rating a full 5 out of 5 pints. I almost took away a few sips because they didn’t call me and tell me that it’s now available in a 24 oz can, but Honey Brown has opened up so many doors for me that I will let that slip.

So thanks for taking this journey back in time with me and, as always, thanks for checking out this week’s Brew Review. Thoughts, comments, and questions are, of course, welcome. And remember to enjoy your beer, but responsibly please. Also, don’t forget to check out their website for more information on Honey Brown Lager.


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