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Yard Work Beer

If you have ever read this blog, then you know I love craft beer. Yes, I have the sticker that states “Yellow Fizzy Beer is for Wussies”. Yes, when given the choice between American Light Beer and almost anything else, I go with the anything else.
However, there are times in life when there’s nothing like a nice, ice cold, crisp, cheap beer. And one of those times for me is during or right after a yard work project. I usually reach for Miller Lite, because they tell you right there on the can (because Yard Work Beer HAS to be in a can) that not only does it “Taste Great” but it is also “Less Filling”. And I think that’s really part of the appeal. When I am all hot and tired, I don’t also want that full feeling that Craft Beer – in all its radiant glory – tends to provide. Plus, when I am just going to chug something cold and refreshing, I don’t want to waste someone’s art.
There was a time when I would reach for a Bud Light but I switched one day when the Miller Lite girls were giving it away at a bar I was at. Seemed like a good enough reason to me. But today, I decided to take myself for a loop and really mix things up. After all, how can I consider myself a Brew Reviewer of Everything that’s Brewed, if I stick with my main staples??
So, as I type this, I am not only recovering from moving somewhere in the neighborhood 3000 pounds of concrete blocks, but I am sipping on a brew from Canada’s Labatt Breweries – Labatt Ice. Is it because, as stated on the can, it has “No Preservatives”? Or could it be because it’s 5.6% ABV? Or, did the $1.09 price tag for a 24oz can seal the deal? All of the above.
Now I know some of you enthusiasts are going to think I’m crazy for even admitting all that information, but that’s just how it is.
So as always, feel free to comment or ask questions. And if you are going to do some yard work, and combine that with a Yard Work Beer, please do so responsibly.
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