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Thursday Night Flight

So last night, on my way home from my money making job – since drinking beer doesn’t pay yet – I stopped at my Beverage Depot, and grabbed up a few new things to try. I took a step outside my normal, malty selections, and went for some bitterness.

I warmed up with a Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA, because I figured that if it wasn’t going to be malty, it should be Extra not malty. I did enjoy it as a pre meal warm up. It was crisp but fuller in flavor than I expected it to be. It lead nicely up to the meal of Grilled Pork Tenderloin, roasted veggies (and fungus), and potatoes that the neighbors cooked up!!

Once warmed up, the Great Divide Samurai followed nicely with dinner. The primarily rosemary seasoned tenderloin was a great partner to the slightly fruity finish that the rice in the Samurai provided.

As the conversation continued, I grabbed a slightly less intense Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and a few left over slices of pork. Clean, crisp and refreshing beer met nicely with savory, herb crusted pork.

I was warned at the beginning of the gathering, that there was no dessert. To which I replied “don’t need it, I brought Beer!” Specifically, I saved the Great Divide Hoss to stand in for traditional dessert. The sound of a Rye Lager seemed interesting, even if it is outside the Reinheitsgebot ingredient list. It’s sweet notes represented its role as dessert very well without being too filling.

Overall, it was a nice flight and a great evening.

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