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Back for Summer

It’s funny how days continue to slip by, then you realize it’s been the better part of a year since you’ve written an article. Time does not stop, but it does allow beer to ferment, bourbon and wine to age, and hair to grow back. So if you’ve enjoyed a beer, made a beer or sipped on whiskey or wine, thank Father Time. If you got a bad haircut, tell him that not everyone has that kind of time and to get on with it. Makes me look forward to retirement though if I’m being honest.
So as time has passed, so have some seasons. Specifically fall and spring (check local weather reports). Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to consider the brews that best accompany the many types of outdoor activities that we are bound to find ourselves getting into.
Memorial day cookouts come to mind right away, but also cookouts in general. Now I happen to be of the mind that a light, crisp, cold beer sometimes goes well for this type of event. Notice I didn’t say cheap or mass produced. As I was browsing my favorite craft beer retailer the other day, I saw several different summer ales with wheat, hops, fruit, high ABV – you know, all the good stuff. So I look forward to tasting and reviewing some of those in the coming weeks.
Yard and outdoor projects are also a big part of my summer. Aside from basic yard chores such as mowing the lawn and trimming trees etc, where a nice “Yard Work Beer” is always appropriate, I am planning on putting up a shed within the next couple of weeks. Now I would never particularly advocate heavy session drinking while trying to precisely measure and cut (with power tools), so in the true spirit of EVERYTHING Brewed, I recommend a nice pitcher of Iced Tea, or possibly a well mixed Arnold Palmer – in addition to plenty of H2O to maintain proper hydration levels. Save the hard stuff for the final nail celebration. I already know that my potential crew will be easily pleased with some Maker’s or perhaps Maker’s 46. Luckily for me, I have a beverage rider in the budget request I put in with the Treasurer of Taste (aka “the wife”).
And given the opportunity, after the children are safely tucked away, a nice fire in the fire pit with my best girl by my side would go great with a nice IPA. Crisp and refreshing. Solid and strong. A perfect brew to enjoy when I know that I won’t be leaving the grounds of Everything Brewed HQ.
So whatever events you look forward to in the coming summer months, there’s bound to be a nice brew available to accompany them. I hope you enjoy yours as well as I will enjoy mine, and in fact, I’d love to hear about your adventures as well. Hit me up on facebook, twitter or in the comments of this article.


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