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Another Amazing Discovery

Here’s something that I’m all about here at Everything Brewed. There is no situation that I want to find myself in that I would not at least want the ability to open a beer. This is one way to be prepared. You will be as impressed as I am.

Skip Chapington, a humble, debonair, ascot-sporting gentleman, introduces the JackHawk 9000s as the greatest invention in the past 100,000 years. Watch the video here.

We have seen bottle openers incorporated into shoes, belts, hats, but never before have we seen bottle opener sunglasses. The JackHawk 9000 – Titanium Bottle Opener Sunglasses ($90+) are exactly what you think they would be: sunglasses with bottle openers on either arm. The frame is made from the same material as the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, and the polarized lenses are coated with Iradium to reduce glare and improve scratch resistance. Essentially, these sunglasses are indestructible and will ensure that you alway have a means to open your cold brew.

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