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My name is Jason, known here as Brew Master, because I’m in charge here. I have a love and passion for Everything Brewed and Consumed. I love the science that takes place when grain becomes beer, leaves become tea, beans become coffee. I love the flavors and the aromas. I enjoy the appearance of a nice glass of beer as the bubbles climb the side of the glass. I get lost in the steam that rises from a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning. Indeed, there’s not much about brewed things that I don’t like.

Here at Everything Brewed, I hope you’ll find a way gain some information because I’ll be sharing what I know and learn thru my experiences. Perhaps we’ll discuss differing thoughts on a product that I’ve reviewed, or maybe we’ll even agree. And if you have time to explore while you’re here, I’ll be adding ideas and resources that I think will enhance your experience with Everything Brewed.